Which Mirror Reflects You Perfectly?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Which of our frames is fairest of all?

While we may be a little biased when it comes to our own frames, we are very interested in helping you get the most out of them. Therefore, we have hand-picked four of our bestselling mirrors to help you choose the perfect one - but more on that later...

What is the best size to buy?

Although buying a beautiful gigantic mirror may tempt you, we suggest holding off and thinking about what purpose your new item will be used for. Will it be destined for the makeup table, or is it going to stand (or hang) in your hallway? Do you need a full-length mirror to choose the right outfit or a small one to use as decoration?

Bathrooms often utilise vanity-style mirrors because of their ability to safely emit light whilst also being very compact. For any hallway in your house a tall/large mirror would work best, this is due to the fact that it will help reflect and maximise light whilst also giving you the chance to see yourself before you head out. Who knows, that hat may not suit you after all!

What Type of Frame is best?

Remember those four frames I told you about earlier? Read on to discover more information about each one to see why these are our top featured mirrors!

We would love to hear which mirror is your favourite, so please comment with the name of the frame and your reason why.

2 Inch Swept Silver

The first frame is known as 2 Inch Swept in Silver. It's a fairly traditional style frame with nice detailed decoration surrounding it. The sweeping long lines make the eyes travel around the frame, while the beautiful yet subtle silver colour makes it incredibly sophisticated.

This mirror would work best in a home where there are a lot of decorations and soft colours, creating a cosy environment.

Ideal room: Living Room/Dining Room


Florence Pewter

The second frame goes by the name of Florence in Pewter, due to it's striking metallic colour and style. This frame features fabulous decorations all around the sides that are sure to impress anyone who sees it!

This frame is incredibly versatile and would be a welcome addition to any traditional or more modern-styled home.

Ideal Room: Living Room, Bedroom or Hallway

Test Shot 1 (smaller size)

Scandi Black & Gold

The third frame is of the more modern variety and is called Scandi in Black & Gold. You can see where it gets its name from; the eye-catching metallic colours really do stand out in any room and will draw the largest of crowds.

This frame's black and gold colouring, smooth surface and thick moulding make it a great addition to buildings with a warmer colour palette. We also have many commercial businesses who showcase this style of frame, from cafes to restaurants.

Ideal Room: Dining Room or Hallway

Mirror Corner

Firenza Gloss Black

Firenza in Gloss Black. A real statement maker. This is a frame that will really get people talking. It features a giant bold moulding, shiny gloss black colouring and a clean-cut 'stacked' design.

Firenza Gloss Black suits restaurants of the more expensive variety, but also definitely belongs in ultra modern and chic houses - its strong design complementing its surroundings brilliantly.

Ideal Room: Bedroom, Bathroom or Hallway





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