The Life of a Frame


Welcome to this week’s blog post! Today we’re going to show you what happens to a brand new frame - from the moment you click ‘buy’ to the moment it arrives at your house.

Stage One - Ordering

When you finalise your purchase on our website, your order goes to the order processing team, who look at and process your order. These people will sort each order by hand into categories of size and moulding and then send them to factory – where they will be cut, pinned, ‘tabbed’, wrapped and packaged.

Stage Two - Factory Floor

Once your order has been received and sorted by the order processing team, it will be sent to the factory.


Each frame is made of either high-quality MDF or plastic; a 3m length of either material is cut into four parts by the cutting team. These are then bundled together, pinned (so they can be joined together) and given to the assembly team.

After the frames are joined together, the assembly team put the glass and backing boards on, this team of people are also responsible for implementing the tabs for every frame, this is to ensure the pictures and backing boards don’t fall out! The tabs are put on last.


Now that the frames have been manufactured, they must be wrapped to avoid scratches and maintain their quality whilst in the factory. This is done by placing each frame in a special machine, which uses heat to shrink and smooth the wrapping into place.


The frames are very nearly complete, our packaging team is responsible for packaging them in secure boxes - to be shipped by a variety of couriers across the world.

Stage 3 - You

The frames are now in transit, making their way to you as quickly as they can.

Once they arrive at your preferred location, their fate is up to you. Treat them well!

We hope you enjoy your new frame.




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