Shabby Chic

A 'Character' Profile

Thanks to those of you who voted in our Twitter poll a few weeks ago.

The winner, by a clear majority, was our Shabby Chic moulding!

What does it Look Like?

AP3025 White - White Mount

Say hello to Shabby Chic! This frame is particularly interesting due to the simplistic but elegant decoration around the edges, making this moulding suitable for any type of space, from traditional to contemporary. The picture above shows our Shabby Chic White frame, although there are many other colours to choose from, so head over to our website to find the best one for you!



Makes a Statement

Fits Any Space



Who is it Made For?

The Shabby Chic range is made for those who want something elegant in their space, the large choice of colours and simplistic nature of the frame make its usability very wide. Due to the tasteful decoration around the edges, the frame looks right at home in any situation, be it a small country cottage or a high-rise studio flat (and anything in between).


What is it Made of?

All of our frames are environmentally friendly

High Quality Recycled Plastic for the frame

MDF for the backing board

Acid-Free Mount-board for the mounts

Glass/Plastic Glass for the ‘screen’

AP-3025 Gun Metal Black Mount

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