Old Dog New Tricks!

Welcome to this week’s blog.

We are delighted to showcase to you the latest in our new range of Frames.

We introduce to you the magnificent, Magnus!

Magnus all Frame Only

So, tell us how these frames are new and exciting?

This new Modern Scandinavian style frame brings both the simplicity of a Wooden frame with the energetic burst of colour on the outer and inner side of the frame making it a real feature piece for any photo.

We wanted to show that not all frames have to be “Old and Boring” but they also do not have to be so different that they only match certain spaces. So by adding in strips of striking colour it really does give it a new lease of life.

They come in a variety of colours able to match any décor and will be a real winner for any room.


We know you will love them as much as we do so please tell us which one’s your favourite in the comments below!

I love the new frame but what type of Photo or Print would look best in them?

This is always a question we get asked and one that is unique and individual to each person. The great thing with these frames is as they have a modern clean-cut feel to them they really can frame anything you like.

You can match the colour of the strip to a picture with similar colouring or you can use a black and white photo and really give your memories a splash of colour.

Magnus Green Frame Only standing - with the heady scent of spring in our heartsMagnus Green Frame Only - with the heavy scent of spring in our heartsMagnus Cobalt Blue Standing - for we are in this togetherMagnus Teal blue frame only standing - cherry blossom

See how a Classic Landscape painting and a Modern Black and White Digital Image both look amazing in the Magnus Frame.

These images show you beautifully how creative you can be with them.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, we hope you have a great weekend.



The Frames By Post Team

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