How to Choose the Correct Sized Frame

Welcome to this week’s blog. Today we will give you advice on how to properly frame your picture, as it can be quite difficult knowing how to do it, especially if it is your first time!

Step 1 – Measure Your Picture

The first and most obvious thing to do is decide on what picture you would like to frame. Our advice would be to use an image that holds particular value to you, this could be a picture of your family or an object that means something to you. Any image will do, of course.

In order to properly fit your chosen image into the frame, a measuring device is required. Make sure you take both length and width readings, as you’ll need those later.

Step 2 – Do you need a mount?

Mount (maʊnt) noun - A backing or setting on which a photograph, gem, or work of art is set for display.

After measuring your image and noting down the dimensions, it is time to decide on a mount. So, what does a mount look like?


Choose one of the seven colours above (or none at all) and continue on…

Step 3 – Choose a Frame

The exciting part. Once a mount has/hasn’t been chosen, you can now move on to choosing the right frame for you. Check out our blog post on that while you’re here, or don’t, it’s entirely up to you.

White Mount

We currently stock over 120 different frames to suit your style, from Scandinavian-inspired mouldings to more contemporary designs. Head over to our website, Amazon or Ebay and pick your favourite.

Now, find those notes you had earlier, because they will come in useful soon…

Step 4 – The Purchase


Under the ‘Size’ drop down, select the size of your picture that you noted down earlier – you will find the correct number to the right of ‘Pic Size’ (the number to the left of ‘Pic Size’ is the frame size, which is always suited to the size of your image). Once you have selected that, you’re good to go and purchase your frame!

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