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Thanks to everyone who took part in our Twitter poll, in which we asked you to choose between our Metro White, Firenza White and Linen Cream frames. The winner was Firenza! Read on to discover everything you need to know about this frame…

What Does it Look Like?

Firenza White - White Mount .jpg

Like that. The picture you see above is the Firenza White Frame with White Mount. This colour frame is suited to a more modern house, with lots of room and open spaces, however our Firenza Antique Distressed Black and Gold frame looks right at home in an older style house where warmth and cosiness is key.

There are many to choose from, so head over to our Firenza range here and grab yourself a lovely, affordable frame.

Antique Distressed Black and Gold White MountWho is it For?

‘Anything is best for anyone’ –Frames by Post Guy

The incredibly inspiring quote above says it all, our frames are for everyone to enjoy. The Firenza range is best suited for those who want a nice and simple frame, but still feel like making a statement. Take our Copper style moulding for example, the frame is very simple and practical, however the colouring adds a splash of colour to the room it’ll hang (or stand) in, creating a focal point.








Fits in any house

What is it Made of?

All of our frames are environmentally friendly

High Quality Extruded Plastic for the frame

MDF for the backing board

Acid-Free Mountboard for the mounts

Glass/Plastic Glass for the ‘screen’

Firenza Matte Silver Bezel small White Mount

Thanks for Reading

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Have a very nice weekend!

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