6 Ways to Find the Right Frame for You

Here are 6 tips on how to choose the right frame for you. Chosen by our team of professionals.

We all have that one wall, the white one. It looks so gloomy and dull just… standing there. It laughs at you silently. This is how most people look at it, but why not think differently? That wall is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with great ideas. Here at Frames By Post, we think differently. Read on to discover 10 great tips on how the right frame could turn that boring wall into something to be proud of!

Choose the Right Style

Your personal style says a lot about you, it defines your personality and creates a lasting impression of those you meet. This is also reflected in your house. Here are two small tips to get you started…

Hygge room 2Comfy

Those who have integrated ‘hygge’ into their lives love the idea of warm textures, candles and raw materials, such as bare wood. Some of our ranges incorporate this feeling, such as our Hygge Grey Ash and Metro Vintage Wood mouldings.   We can see why this lifestyle is so appealing, the simplicity and warmth it gives is contagious!


If there’s one thing we’ve noticed in the past decade, minimalism is back in fashion! Instead of the lavish furnishings of the past; straight angles, neutral colours and clean spaces are what’s in. Our Metro and Modena ranges celebrate this smarter approach to life, complimenting your new minimalist homes.

Size Matters

It is very important to know the size of the frame you’ll use to decorate that boring white wall with later. Choose a frame too big, and the wall could look crowded, too small and it could look out-of-place – instead, why not go for something in the middle? Judge your wall and the surrounding area, making sure the frame doesn’t make the rest of the room uneven, harmony is key!

For smaller walls, we recommend using a smaller frame, this gives just the right amount of attention to the picture/art inside, without overpowering it. Conversely, we suggest using a larger frame, such as our Firenza range, for larger walls – this is a perfect size as it isn’t overpowered by the scale of the wall and instead completes it!

The Right Mount

Now that you’ve (hopefully) decided on the style and size of your frame, it’s time to pick a mount. (Mounts are the things that hold the picture/art in place by the way). You have two options, a single mount or – if you’re feeling adventurous – a double mount.

A single mount works best for simple pictures or pieces of art placed around your premises, it perfectly holds it in place and looks great, plus you have 7 different ch7 black, white mountolour options to choose from: Black, White, Ivory, Blue, Pink and Light/Dark Grey!

A double mount is best h7 black, white and black double mount RESIZEDused for the special pictures that you hold most dearly; these mounts give an extra emphasis on what’s inside them and are definitely a spectacle on any wall!

The Right Colour

Colour is one of the most important things in life, it gives a spark of energy to everything it touches. A frame’s colour is incredibly significant to the effect it gives the photo/art inside it. For black & white photos, for example, a frame with a neutral colour palette may work best – this is to ensure that not too much attention is taken away from the photo and is instead complimented.

A more colourful photo, such as the one to the left, works better with a coloured frame. Also, notice how the frame colour goes with the bird’s beak– choosing frames that coordinate with the picture usually yields great results. This is our Soda Cream frame, in case you were wondering…

When you buy from Frames By Post, you have the option to choose two colours for your double mount. This is great in times when you want to create a certain style for your image, such as having a blue and pink double mount for your baby photos.

Soda Cream White Mount with a birdpngBe Experimental!

Finally, forget everything we’ve just told you! Sometimes, the decision should be yours, not anybody else’s. If you want a pink, gigantic picture frame with a toucan inside, get one, it’s your choice! Who knows, maybe that would look good…

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