3 Interesting Ways to Arrange Your Picture Frames

Our favourite ways to arrange your picture frames.

Here at Frames by Post, we promise to deliver the best experience possible – starting from the factory floor right to the finished product; this blog serves as part of this experience… whilst also marketing our products rather explicitly. So, to make true of our promise, here are 3 interesting ways to arrange your picture frames!

Asymmetrical Hanging Arrangement


Elegance. The simplistic nature of the picture frames create an asymmetrical but yet balanced feeling to the room. If you are looking to add a touch of casualness to your home, this is definitely the arrangement we’d recommend.

This asymmetric arrangement can be created using a wide variety of frames, therefore have a look at our Hygge range, which offers a compatible style for any room, as well as a nice variety of colours.

Minimalist Hanging Arrangement


Those of you who prefer a more ordered and simple approach to decorating will like this arrangement. Every single picture frame is lined up, the same size and the same colour – this creates a very minimalist design for your wall and could arguably be considered a statement piece. If you want to give this a try but don’t want the monochromatic look, why not spice it up with a bit of colour?

The important thing to note with this arrangement is the thin frames, this is so they don’t overcrowd the walls and take too much attention away from the pictures inside. Our Rio range might do just the trick, sporting thin frames and nice flat colours.

Showcase Hanging Arrangement

Sometimes it’s nice to try something different, instead of putting a few pictures on your wall, why not put a lot? A 'showcase' arrangement is best used for long walls, especially in restaurants where atmosphere is key, this is because the goal is to create a showcase of your favourite pictures for all to see. We were lucky enough to supply frames to Olio on The Green in Writtle, as you can see below. Their wall is tastefully decorated with our Hygge Wolf Grey frames, which look marvellous!


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